Arlene Phillips and Katie Piper honour International Women’s Day in Sheffield

8 Mar

To mark International Women’s Day the Sheffield Copthorne Hotel welcomed famous guest speakers and raised over £1000 for its charity of the year, the Katie Piper Foundation. Guests included Katie herself and former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips.

The aim of the conference was to not only raise money but also inspire people and show women from all walks of life that they can be successful. Linda Barlow, the Business Development Manager for Forward Ladies who hosted the event, said how important it was for the organisation and that, “International Women’s Day is a major event in our calendar.”

The day started with Penny Mallory, the first female contestant in the World Rally Championship who told the audience, “You have extraordinary power to make things happen that you haven’t even tapped into yet.”

Penny was followed by Lady Catherine Meyer. She had a £100,000 and ten year battle for custody of her children after her ex-husband abducted them.

Both ladies spoke of the struggles they have faced, the triumphs they achieved and gave their own advice on how to be successful.

Arlene Phillips then told the audience of her life and how it felt to be replaced by a younger woman, Alesha Dixon, on Strictly Come Dancing. She said, “If the BBC had been upfront about why they replaced me I would have been ok,” but the reasons they gave upset her and she still didn’t want to talk about them.

Katie drew the conference to a close. She looked nervous but came across as confident and when posing for photos seemed to revert back to her model self. She spoke of how the burn left her feeling desperate and isolated, “as I got my confidence back I started to feel sexy and cool but society wouldn’t see that so I started the charity to change it.” Liz Green from BBC radio Leeds said:“You don’t see a disability, you see an amazing woman.”

The Katie Piper Foundation helps burns victims beyond the medical help. It offers advice on makeup and medicinal tattooing, help with building confidence and other support needed.

As well as the speakers the Lord Mayor also attended to show his support. He said: “I wish I could have been here all morning. It encourages people to get thinking, things like this really are important.”

For more information on, or to donate to, the Katie Piper Foundation click here  and for more information on, or to become a member of, Forward Ladies click here

By Sarah Walters

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