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Amy’s retreat charity event Battle of the Bands: Kiziah and the Kings are the ‘Kings’ of Sheffield

6 May

Battle of the Band winners: Kiziah and the Kings

Doncaster group Kiziah and the Kings came out as winners at a ‘Battle of the Bands’ charity event.

‘Battle of the Bands’ took place at Walkabout, Carver Street, off West Street, on April 4th. Three local bands were given the chance to perform and the audience chose who they wanted to win. Section 60, an indie/ alternative band, performed their 30 minute set first. Contemporary rock group Scrim were up next and had the whole room up dancing. Taking to the stage last were winners by a unanimous decision, Kiziah and the Kings, a soulful group made up of three guys and a girl. Lead singer Kiziah Watson explained what winning meant to them. “It’s a great feeling to win. But we can’t forget what we are all here for, to make money for Amy’s Retreat.”

Section 60


Kiziah and the Kings

Battle of the Bands was created in aide of Amy’s Retreat, a Sheffield based charity set up by Joanne and Stephen Hall after their daughter, Amy, died of cancer aged five. The charity gives families with children who suffer from cancer, the chance to go away and spend time together as a family.

Guests were also asked to dress up as their favourite popstar and people turned up as artists such as Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Elvis.

Danny Child, 19, who came as one of the Village People explained why the event was important to him: “The money raised here tonight will go to a good cause; everyone gets dressed up has a laugh and raises lots of money!”

Emma Robinson, 21, who came as pops bad girl Amy Winehouse explains her choice. “I don’t really smoke and I drink moderately, so I thought I would be her so I get the chance to be a bad girl, even if it’s only for one night. Plus I get to wear a wig and have big hair!”

The best dressed, again decided by the audience, won an award and vouchers for a meal for 2 with a bottle of wine at La Tasca. The winner of the night was Paul Galloway, 25, who was dressed as Garth from Wayne’s Word. “I just came as myself basically, and won the sexiest costume!”

Guests were also automatically entered into a raffle for buying a ticket and prizes included a PizzaExpress hamper, Sheffield United tickets, Nandos vouchers and Lyceum Theatre tickets.

The event raised £400 for Amy’s Retreat, organiser Frances Child, 21, said: “The foundation is completely selfless, and deserves all the exposure it can get. I’m glad to be part of such a great cause and the night has been a success, all my hard work has been worth it.”

For more information on Amy’s Retreat and how you can help go to

By Carrie-Ann Vessey

The Royal Wedding: A day of British Celebration

4 May

On April 29th 2011, whilst Prince William was marrying Catherine Middleton in one of the most anticipated weddings of the century, the rest of Britain were celebrating in their own unique ways.

Thousands decided to visit the capital, London, to get a glimpse of the bride and groom, the other 27million people in Britain watched from the comfort of their home, as the future King wed Catherine.

In Hull, although it was reported there had been no applications for street parties, people threw their own house parties and street parties in cul-de-sacs where there is no need for road closure. Retail stores also got into the spirit by decorating shop windows with Wills and Kate.

Heather Perry, 74, threw a party in east Hull, were a buffet was provided- complete with Great Britain style cups and plates- for her close friends as they watched the wedding together. “It is a great day for Britain. It’s a good chance for friends to get together have a celebration and toast to the happy couple. She really was a stunning bride.”

Heather along with friends Valerie Bell, 72 and Hazel, 66, were viewers of William’s parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981. Hazel said: “William did his mother proud today she would have been beaming with pride seeing him marry such a beautiful and elegant woman.”

Adam Watkinson, 21, also threw his own party but once the ceremony was over everyone moved outside for a pool party. “It’s just an excuse to drink really. The wedding was a bit boring to me, but it’s a great excuse to get everyone off work and together to have a good time. Although, we were hoping for better weather, after being in the pool it was freezing!”

Surrounded by bunting and Great Britain flags, Leah Fox, 21, explained why the Royal Wedding was good for Britain. “With the credit crunch and focus on politicians, it was nice to celebrate a Royal Wedding, it was a bit like a fairytale, she looked beautiful. Even people who are not interested in the wedding get the day off work and can just have fun.”

For Danielle Pashley, 21, the Wedding gave her extra reason to celebrate, “It’s my birthday on the 30th so it gives me an opportunity to have a pre-celebration. We’ve toasted to the Royals now I can drink into my birthday!”

Whilst her friends were watching the wedding, Natalie Blain, 20, had to work. “I was not impressed I missed it. But I did manage to sneak off to the staff room to catch a glimpse of what she was wearing. Her dress was amazing and she looked like a future Queen. Everyone looked so glamorous, although Prince Harry’s hair looked a bit windswept!”

Whilst the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were celebrating becoming man and wife, Jayne Fox, 44, used the day to celebrate her recent engagement. “We got engaged on Christmas Day, but have never really celebrated it, so we just thought, what better day. Were celebrating a wedding so thought we might as well celebrate our engagement.”

The wedding may have come under criticism due to its extravagance- it reportedly cost £70million- when everyone is dealing with the recession, however, it gave the people the chance to come together to celebrate and feel proud to be British.

By Carrie-Ann Vessey

Tweet of The Week

3 May

Now we know we are a little behind with our Tweet of the Week but here at Country People Fashion we’ve been busy stuffing our faces with chocolate and celebrating the Royal Wedding. So we thought it was only right to choose our favourite tweet regarding the wedding. With so many great tweets the dicision was hard, but the winning tweet went to Piers Morgan for his simple discription of the wedding.

“Two kisses and an Aston Martin speed-by – classy work, William”

Country People Fashion Podcast: The Royal Wedding What we Think of the Dress, the Rings and the Hats

3 May

Congratulations Prince William and Catherine

1 May

Prince William wed Kate Middleton in one of the most anticipated weddings of the year.

Wearing an elegant wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, Catherine Middleton married the Prince at Westminster Abbey on 29th April.

The Prince, wearing the uniform of an Irish Guards Officer, was accompied by his best man, brother Harry as he wed Kate.

After the ceremony, which ran smoothly, the couple sealed their marriage with not one but two kisses on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Surrounded by immediate family and the bridal party, the couple- now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge- smiled and waved for the crowd before heading inside to begin the private celebrations.

By Carrie-Ann Vessey

How to find your individual style in second hand shops and why is it popular?

28 Apr

Probably, it is now part of student culture to wear something vintage. Wherever we go, we can see young people dressed as if they just appeared from the 1980’s or 1990’s for example. In Sheffield the amount of vintage clothing shops has doubled. There are about five vintage shops in the city centre and at least three of them have opened in the last year.

Shop on Division Street in Sheffield has no name, because the shop owner Nick has specific idea about his policy in selling second hand items. It is therefore people who want to find their individual style by combining something old and quality with something new and trendy. He said: “I remember when I was a student in London in the 1980’s I used to shop at Camden and Portobello flea markets, every single shop there looked exactly like mine. This is nothing new!  My store looks eclectic, like in the 1980’s and I think students of the 80’s were the beginners of the individuality, they were trying to find their identities through clothes.”  Nick believes that old clothes used to be better quality, because it is still wearable after 20-30 years, whereas if we buy clothes from Primark buttons are falling off the next day. High street shops and fashion magazines recreate the vintage look – all the patterns and style is now being copied from the most popular eras like the 1960’s or 1980’s for example. Therefore, this store offers unique and genuine pieces of clothing from the era each individual is interested in. It is also cheaper than high street prices, which makes it attractive for students especially.

The Freshman’s store on Carver Street is one of the oldest in Sheffield. Its owner Matthew and Paul in business for a very long time and have experience in sales in different places around the world such as Los Angeles and New York. Their shop is different to Nick’s store, as it looks neat and clean. Every item of clothing is ironed and carefully hanging on the rail. There are a lot of accessories, mirrors and lights, which creates an atmosphere of an individual and independent shop.

Generally it doesn’t matter what type the vintage or second hand shop is. People who buy pieces of clothing from previous eras find it attractive for various reasons. Firstly, it has been advertised a lot in the fashion world and has been very popular among students and hipsters. Secondly, it is always nostalgic to go twenty or ten years back, wear it today and stand out from the crowd.


All pictures by Yvan Rodic (Facehunter)

By Tanya Andrejeva

Battle Of The Bands!

31 Mar


A charity event has been organised in Sheffield to help raise money for families who have children with cancer.

‘Battle of the Bands’ will take place in Walkabout, Carver Street, off West Street, on April 4th. Local Sheffield bands- Scrim, Kiziah and the Kings and Section 60- will each play a 30minute set and the audience will decide who the best band is. A DJ will then play out the rest of the night.

The theme of the night is popstars, so guests are invited to come as their favourite singer and the best dressed will win a trophy and a prize. Everyone who buys a ticket will automatically be entered into a raffle with prizes such as:

•La Tasca – Meal for 2 with a bottle of wine
•Pizza Express Hamper
•Taylor and Taylor – 2 cut and finishes up for grabs
•2 x Lyceum Theatre Tickets
•TGI Friday – £30 voucher
•Holly Bowling vouchers
Mercure Spa – 2x day passes
•Pure gym – 10 free PT sessions
– 5 goody bags
•Nando’s Voucher
•Hocky family ticket to a season game

All proceeds from the night go to Amy’s Retreat, a Sheffield based charity set up by Joanne and Stephen Hall after their daughter, Amy, died of cancer aged five. The charity gives families with children who suffer who cancer, the chance to go away and spend time together as a family.

Event co-ordinator Frances Child said: “The foundation is completely selfless, and deserves all the exposure it can get. There has been great cooperation from the community and local businesses in providing prizes and giving their support, I’m glad that I am able to be a part of helping this cause.”

Tickets can be purchased now or on the night at Walkabout for £5, all proceeds will be going to charity.

For more information visit


Tweet of the Week

28 Mar

Since politics have taken over CountryPeopleFashion of late, it is only right that our tweet of the week is influenced by that, Labour leader Ed Miliband has had alot of interesting tweets of late but our favourite is….

“It’s not the Chancellor who is rescuing the country. It is the country that needs rescuing from the Chancellor. #Budget”

Award Winning Student Fashion Designer: Fascinated With War and Russian Royal Family

27 Mar

Since Kate Harrod won the award for the Best Student Fashion Designer for her spectacular and unusual dress, she’s been followed by a number of magazines and journalists, who wanted to get an interview with her, to highlight her success.

Kate told me how she was inspired by Russian Royal family and their tragic life to create this strong award-winning dress. As you can see from the pictures it is massive and very impressive. Red leather top is decorated with epaulette, which Kate ordered from America and had delivered on the day of the show, the medals are real – Kate bought them from a vintage fair paying £30 for each. She has put a lot of effort and money into that dress and obviously is very pleased with the result, as is everybody else.

Kate’s fascination with Russia started when her grandmother visited St. Petersburg in the late 1960s. As a little girl Kate remembers how she used to play with fur hat and other souvenirs her grandmother brought from Russia.

Kate’s approach is very individual and well researched, as she avoided the cliché imaginations about how Russian culture influence on clothes design. That’s why she has chosen the specific period of time reflecting the most dramatic events and designing the award winning dress. She said: “The brief was to choose a country to base your dress on and I immediately interested in Russia. But I thought I’m not going to down this typical theme like Russian dolls or architecture of Russia, I thought I’m going to go a bit deeper.”  She was fascinated how Royal family was so unite and close, they all seemed very lovely to Kate, although they all had so tragic death. Kate was so interested in the story of life and death of the last Royal Family of Russia and war during that period, that she  wanted to fit it into her dress. The Queen and her daughters were wearing diamonds in  their corsets, so when killers shot them bullets were reflecting from them for a while, that is why Kate put a lot of effort and creativity to make the corset. Also because it is traditional for a wedding dress to have a corset. With colours Kate wanted to bring the reflection of country and war, but also she wanted to accent the fact that the whole family died.  “I wanted to make quite a dark dress, as opposed to traditional white or cream wedding dress, so I let my imagination and creativity to go wild.”

By Tanya Andrejeva

Tweet of The Week

15 Mar

This weeks tweet of the week comes from Lily Allen who’s new Channel Four TV Show From Riches to Rags follows the pop star as she and sister Sarah attempt to launch their own fashion show.

“Have just googled myself, am depressed. going home and switching off broadband.”

You can catch Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags every Tuesday at 10pm on 4.

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