Our Fashion

Our Fashion posts features about both high end and high street fashion so there’s something for the fashionista in you and for the every day girl with an interest. To access these articles click the link below!

03/05/11 Country People Fashion Podcast: The Royal Wedding What we Think of the Dress, the Rings and the Hats

28/04/11 How to find your individual style in second hand shops and why is it popular?

18/04/11 Biology meets fashion: Helen and Katie Storey’s updated 1997 fashion collection, the Primitive Streak, exhibited in Sheff

27/03/11 Award Winning Student Fashion Designer: Fascinated With War and Russian Royal Family

17/03/11 Burberry Designer To Recieve An Award At Sheffield Hallam

09/03/11 International Women’s Day: Three Women in Fashion Who Inspire Us

07/03/11 Galliano Fashion Show is a Go Go

01/03/11 Galliano Sacked for Anti-Semitism

01/03/11 Sheffield model is told size 8 is “too fat for London”

01/03/11 The Oscars 2011: The fashion expert and the blogger on the red carpet outfits

15/02/11 Turn up the heat

06/02/11 Fashion is fast: Plus size is acceptable today, but it is not tomorrow

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