Our People

Our People brings everyday people like you into our features. Whether our articles are serious news stories, features about the latest top end designer or what’s hot on the high street you are always a main focus of ours, helping to make all of our articles accessable for everyone. To access these articles click on the links below!

06/05/11 Amy’s Retreat, Charity Battle of the Bands

04/05/11 The Royal Wedding: A day of British Celebration

03/05/11 Tweet of The Week: Piers Morgan

03/05/11 Country People Fashion Podcast: The Royal Wedding What we Think of the Dress, the Rings and the Hats

01/05/11 Congratulations Prince William and Catherine

28/04/11 How to find your individual style in second hand shops and why is it popular?

31/03/11 Battle of The Bands!

29/03/11 Tweet of the Week: Ed Miliband

27/03/11 Award Winning Student Fashion Designer: Fascinated With War and Russian Royal Family

15/03/11 Tweet of the Week: Lily Allen

15/03/11 Peaceful Protests in Sheffield

14/03/11 Exclusive, Organiser of Sheffield Protests: “Hang your heads in shame Lib Dems”

09/03/11 International Women’s Day: Overcoming Tragedy and Bereavment: Katie’s story

09/03/11 International Women’s Day: Three Women in Fashion Who Inspire Us

08/03/11 100 Years of International Women’s Day. Have you heard of it?

08/03/11 Did You Know That 8 March is International Women’s Day?

08/03/11 Sheffield’s celebration for International Women’s Day: Words of Inspiration

08/03/11 Arlene Phillips and Katie Piper honour International Women’s Day in Sheffield

08/03/11 Happy International Women’s Day

08/03/11 Tweet of the Week: Katie Piper

20/02/11 Do men deserve lingerie on Valentine’s Day?

10/02/11 What a size: 16, 12 and 8 thinks of their bodies

09/02/11 Our People’s Perspective: What do You Think?

09/02/11 Our People’s Perspective: Plus Size

01/02/11 The Trials and Tribulations of a Plus Size Shopper

01/02/11 Our People: What Really is a Plus Size Model?

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