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Turn up the heat

15 Feb

Valentine’s Day might make us think about a lot of things like love, partners, relationships, gifts and so on. To make an ultimate and sultry Valentine’s Day, lingerie is the essential part to consider.

What is so magical about the lingerie? Is it the idea that it covers the most sensual parts of the body leaving the imagination to complete the look? For some it is clearlya  more seductive look when woman are wearing stockings, suspenders and a corset for example. As it is not so revealing, it entitles secret and teases the imagination. If Valentine’s Day is all about love, lingerie will make it hot.

On the other hand it is hard to guess whether modern men need all that, as most of them are busy with their own looks and style. Talking to people involved in  long-term relationships I often hear that a lot of things turn into routine, so probably the majority of people are not really bothered about making their Valentine’s day special with lingerie dressing-up. On the other hand it would make sense to dilute the routine with tempting lingerie. So why not to check Agent Provocateur new collection, as well as special edition for V day from Victoria Secret and luxuries from La Perla. It looks so enticing that it cannot be underestimated – high fashion lingerie costs more than high street clothes, shoes and accessories all together.

By Tanya Andrejeva

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