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Our People’s Perspective: Plus Size

9 Feb

Our People

There are many plus sizes out there from 14 to 18 to 22+ and we may all struggle with similar issues such as shopping for clothes (see The Trials and Tribulations of a Plus Size Shopper by yours truely for my experience of such matters) and self confidence. So having shared my experience I thought I’d bring in a fellow plus size lady to tell us about herself.

Natalie Wilson

20 years old

from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

What size clothes do you wear?

I can fit into sizes 12, 14 or 16 depending on the shop.

How difficult to you find it shopping for clothes?

Every shop is different and so is every style. I can’t just pick up a dress and not try it on because I have to try it on in atleast 2 sizes.

Is there any type of clothes you struggle to find in the right size or style, such as jeans?

I never wear jeans or trousers because I can’t fit my bum, legs and waist all in one pair.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I wear what I feel comfy in and covers my worst bits. In recent years I have become more comfortable with my shape and wear tighter, more revealing clothes but sometimes I still feel self conscious.

How do you feel about plus size models and what would you like to see more of?

I’ve heard a size 12 is considered plus size in the fashion industry. I think calling      that plus size fashion isn’t a great idea, I would call size 14 or even 16 plus size. I  would like to see more plus size models and bigger ones.

What pressure do you feel to lose weight?

If it wasn’t for my caring boyfriend and friends I think I would be ill, the amount of pressure I feel sometimes stops me eating for a day or so.

How many people do you know who are plus size?

My best friends are size 12/14 and the my family are big girls and boys. But even my thinner friends complain, they hate being too thin!

Finally, what would you like to say to people reading this interview?

I wish shops would accomodate for bigger people and I wish plus size models were more acceptable. I would also encourage curvy girls to wear what they want and not what they feel they have to and to just accept what they’re given. Some skinny girls are jealous of it!


By Sarah Walters

The Trials and Tribulations of a Plus Size Shopper

1 Feb

Our People

January is drawing to a close and the post Christmas sales are dwindling so I, like thousands of others, hit the high street to find the latest bargain which would have been easy, if I were a size 8.

What I learnt from the sale rail is that finding an end of season bargain is more of a chore than a shopping spree when you fall into the category of the average dress size. I flicked coat hanger after coat hanger aside trying to find something to fit my size 14/16 form and even when I managed to hunt something down the style really was not flattering, there were frills and ruffles in just the right places to accentuate my wibbly bits. One particularly confusing dressing room experience involved me trying to get into what I thought was a bubble dress but turned out to be a pantaloon suit. After trying and failing to get my head through the leg hole I gave up and inspected the garment. I was feeling daring so I tried it on anyway but it’s safe to say I looked more like a jester than a fashionable young adult. There’s a reason why such clothing is reduced to clear.

But, sales aside, shopping for jeans can be just as complicated. There are straight leg, boot cut and skinny to name just a few so when that time comes around I push my patience to the limit trying on different styles and sizes. The boot cut is usually a 16 but can leave it baggy on my booty where as the wide legs are a 14 but gives me a lovely muffin top, at least there’s no need to buy a belt.

Despite the trials of shopping my wardrobe is not left empty, patience, perseverance and knowing what suits me means I don’t have to favour the baggy jeans and oversize t-shirt look. There are no pantaloons though.

By Sarah Walters

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