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Tweet of The Week

3 May

Now we know we are a little behind with our Tweet of the Week but here at Country People Fashion we’ve been busy stuffing our faces with chocolate and celebrating the Royal Wedding. So we thought it was only right to choose our favourite tweet regarding the wedding. With so many great tweets the dicision was hard, but the winning tweet went to Piers Morgan for his simple discription of the wedding.

“Two kisses and an Aston Martin speed-by – classy work, William”

Tweet of the Week

28 Mar

Since politics have taken over CountryPeopleFashion of late, it is only right that our tweet of the week is influenced by that, Labour leader Ed Miliband has had alot of interesting tweets of late but our favourite is….

“It’s not the Chancellor who is rescuing the country. It is the country that needs rescuing from the Chancellor. #Budget”

Tweet of The Week

15 Mar

This weeks tweet of the week comes from Lily Allen who’s new Channel Four TV Show From Riches to Rags follows the pop star as she and sister Sarah attempt to launch their own fashion show.

“Have just googled myself, am depressed. going home and switching off broadband.”

You can catch Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags every Tuesday at 10pm on 4.

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